MiniKeys: A Fun-filled Group Class for Young Musicians, aged 4-5

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Discover the joy of music with MiniKeys, an engaging game-based group class designed to ignite the musical journey of students. Our dynamic program explores piano, drums, and voice, while encouraging creativity and collaboration in our band. Join us and embark on an unforgettable musical adventure!

  Young Pianist

Program Details:

Ages: 4-5 years old

Class Structure: Weekly 45-minute sessions with a maximum of 5 kids

Focus on: Rhythm, Harmony, Melody, and Songwriting

Instruments: Piano, Drums, and Singing

Highlight: Live performance of original pieces by our young musicians

Why Choose MiniKeys?

MiniKeys sets the foundation for a lifelong love of music. Through interactive games, catchy songs, and hands-on instrument play, our program nurtures creativity, kindness, and friendship within a musical environment.

Who Can Join?

MiniKeys is perfect for total beginners! Kids who thrive in MiniKeys are eager to explore various instruments, enjoy group activities, and learn in a fun and supportive setting.

What to Expect in MiniKeys:

A typical MiniKeys class includes the following exciting activities:

Drum Circle
Warm-up exercises to develop rhythm, teamwork, and an understanding of pulse, dynamics, and tempo.

Fun and active songs to warm up the voice, focusing on different music fluencies.

Music and Movement
Engaging full-body games that embody the fluencies and allow students to feel the rhythm of the music.

Collaboratively brainstorm and develop original song ideas based on chosen themes and fluency prompts.

Chamber Ensemble:
The culmination of our program, where mini-musicians practice fluencies on all instruments and learn to compose music together.
Young Guitarist

Fluency First Approach

 In MiniKeys, bandmates will learn a wide range of musical fluencies, including:

Rhythm: Recognizing pulse and beat isolation, drawing and reading rhythmic note values.

Harmony: Identifying major and minor chords, and understanding chord changes.

Melody: Recognizing and playing melodic phrases and patterns using specific notes, discerning note intervals.

Songwriting: Exploring the role of each instrument in a song, understanding song form (verse and chorus), and creating and performing original compositions with bandmates.
Young Drummer

And for the Whole Family: MiniKeys offers more than just musical development:

A vibrant community of music lovers

Opportunities for music exploration at home

A reason to make music together as a family

A supportive environment to create music with others

Music games and engaging community events

Join MiniKeys today and unlock the world of music in a fun, educational, and collaborative setting.