Frequently Asked Questions

Sharon Piano Teachers

1. What Will My Child Learn?

Music is a gift that is transmitted down from one generation to the next. It is a tradition that is about sharing and communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas through sound. Children who learn to be good communicators become deep thinkers and feelers who have a mutual respect for their fellow humans. Our curriculum is comprehensive and includes music theory, note reading, rhythm training, and technique building. We can also teach your child songs that he or she knows and recognizes, making the music relatable to kids.

2. Why Should My Child Take Music Lessons?

Some kids like to tinker on their parents' piano at home. Other kids got inspired by a visiting musician at school. Others want to do something cool, like play guitar!
Yet, Music Lessons aren't just about learning how to play an instrument. Did you know that making music is one of the only activities that actually uses the WHOLE brain? The art of music making builds academic, social, emotional, and cognitive skills, helping children become well rounded individuals.

3. Will My Child Like Lessons?

Our Sharon Music Lessons are the best in town for so many reasons! Maestro Musicians Academy's Sharon Music School Teachers take an active role in getting to know each student's unique learning styles and personalities to foster a comfortable and fun learning environment. We make our piano, guitar, and violin lessons fun for everyone!

4. Where Are You Located?

We know that you're busy and that your children are doing many things. As a result, we are in an easy-to-reach location at 9 Washington Place, right in Sharon Town Center!

5. Who are the Instructors?

Our Sharon Music Instructors are not just experienced musicians - they are great with kids, making music lessons fun and engaging! The educators who teach our piano, guitar, and violin lessons are experienced performers and instructors who love imparting their knowledge to the next generation.

6. What Days and Times are You Available?

We know that you are busy and that your kids are involved with multiple activities. We are the perfect Sharon Music School for you because our instructors give lessons on many days throughout the week. Do you prefer weekends? Just ask!

7. Do I Need to Rent/Buy an Instrument?

Instruments are required in order for your child to progress from week to week. Piano players can start with a keyboard for the first few years. We recommend the Yamaha P-45 or equivalent. For beginning string players, we recommend renting an instrument.

8. What Ages Do You Teach?

Did you know that even children as young as 4 can learn a musical instrument? We teach children, pre-teens, and teens!

9. Are There Performance Opportunities?

As a music school, we make it our mission to not just teach lessons - we want children to feel like all that hard work has a purpose. Our music students have the option to perform in recitals which happen a minimum of two times per year. These recitals are the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about goal setting, see a project from start to finish, and develop self-confidence and self-esteem through a job well done. Online students can perform in our virtual recitals on Youtube Live.

10. Are You the Right School for My Family?

The Maestro Musicians Academy's Sharon School of Music has a dedicated staff that takes care of you all year round to make sure that you are having the most enjoyable and productive musical experience in town. We know how hard it can be to find a good music instructor and we make it our mission to ensure that there is always a good fit between each student and music teacher.

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