The bass is not just a cool instrument - it's indispensable to a jazz band or orchestra! Whether your kid is into upright or electric, we got you covered. Our bass instructor teaches all the skills needed to serve as the bedrock in your rhythm section, symphony, or garage band.

Walpole Bass Lessons

How Old Does My Child Have to Be to Start Walpole Bass Lessons?

Kids tend to start bass in the 5th grade with a 1/4 size instrument. Smaller sizes are also available for rent from local shops for younger children. Students as young as 6 can play the electric bass if they are ready! Can your child sit still and hold attention for sustained periods to last through a 30-minute lesson? If so, he or she is ready!

Are Your Bass Instructors Professionals?

Yes - and then some! Our Walpole Music Teachers are all highly experienced musicians and educators who work great with kids. Most of our instructors also have graduate degrees in their respective fields from respected institutions, such as Berklee College of Music. They have motivational personalities and are passionate about passing the gift of music to the next generation. Our success is your family's success!

What Styles Do You Teach in Your Walpole Bass Lessons?

What Styles Do You Teach in Your Walpole Bass Lessons?

Do You Teach Music Fundamentals?

Not only do we teach how to play and hold your instrument - we teach music theory, rhythm, note-reading, and harmony as well! In fact, if you really want to play bass well, you NEED to understand harmony. As the pillar of the orchestra, jazz band, or small ensemble, your role as a bass player will be to provide firm support to all the other musicians who will often rely on your steady beat and harmonic grounding.

How Long Do Your Lessons Last?

For kids under the age of 10, we start with 30-minute classes. For pre-teens and teens, ages 10+, we offer 45 or 60-minute lessons. The general rule is that the longer the lesson, the more material will be covered, and therefore the faster the rate of progress. Like in any subject, you get out what you put in!

Walpole Bass Lessons Near Me!

Did you know that our location is right next to Bird Park, at the Union Congregational Church? It's true! We are on 55 Rhoades Avenue in a beautiful location. When you are done with lessons, take your kids to the park and have them run around and blow off some steam. Be sure to find the many hidden bridges that meander through the estate.

What Do Your Walpole Bass Lessons Cost?

Our Walpole Bass Lesson rates are similar to the competition. Our students are billed on a monthly basis and pay a flat rate no matter how many weeks are in the month. For 30 minutes, the rate is $196 per month. For 45 minutes, it's $294 per month. For 60 minutes, our rate is $392 per month.

Not sure if your child is ready for bass lessons yet? No problem! We Offer a Trial Period so you have very little to lose.

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